Branch Officers 
The Church of Jesus Christ
Fort Worth Restoration Branch

Please remember that there are several other opportunities to serve by volunteering for one of the other available offices. If interested and would like to volunteer, please let David know.  If you would like more information on  any of the offices and what is expected, click the link below. 

About the Branch Offices 

Past Officers

Branch President                                David Norcross
Counselor                                            Steve Roller
Counselor                                            Jeff Hampton
Secretary                                             Bonnie Erter
Treasurer                                             Jeff Hampton
1 Year Auditor                                      Wilson Kluck
2 Year Auditor                                      Tommy Howard
Recorder                                              Patsy Openshaw
Book Steward                                      David Norcross
Music Director                                     Three Sisters
Bulletin Coordinator                             Tammy Norcross
Publicity                                                Steve Roller
Web Page Coordinator                         David Norcross
Historian                                               David Norcross
Sunday School Administrator               David Norcross
Card-Flowers-Gifts                               Carol Peaton
Kitchen Coordinator                             Glynda Norcross      
Women's Leader
Men’s Leader
Youth Leader
Nursery Coordinator                            N/A
Building Committee                             Bill, Bonnie, David
Branch Association Coordinator         David Norcross
Clean Up Coordinator                         David Norcross
Social Director
Home Ministry Coordinator                 Bill Erter
Outreach Coordinator
Pastoral Care
Nursing Home Coordinator