The dictionary defines Pastor as :  a spiritual overseer; especially : a clergyman serving a local church or parish.  The office of Pastor is one of leadership and one whose responsibilities are great to the congregation and to the church.  It is not an office that does all the work while others stand idly by, nor is it someone who does nothing while others do the work.  A balance of the two is needed in leading the congregation in growing, not just spiritually, but in life.


Assisting the Pastor in duties are two counselors.  They are vital in forming the leadership of the branch.


The office of Treasurer is to oversee the accounting of all funds received from the congregation.  There is a great responsibility in this office as the treasurer not only handles the banking aspects, but also reports to each member the amount of individual tithes and offerings received through the year as well as a general accounting to the church.


The secretary's function has been to record minutes of all business and counsel meetings held by the branch.  A reading of these minutes for approval or corrections are read at the following business meeting. It is also the secretary's responsibility to maintain these minutes and publish as a record for the branch. 

Music Director

Recognizing that music is a very important part of the worship service, a Music Director is needed to coordinate the songs for these services.  They will coordinate with the accompanist on a schedule of who will be playing the accompaniment during our services as well as schedule special music for the services.  The MD will provide collected information to the person in charge as well as to the Bulletin Coordinator for inclusion in Sunday bulletins. 

Sunday School Administrator

The basic function of the SSA is to oversee the Sunday School Program by insuring that all classes have teachers, students and supplies.  The SSA should meet with teachers and students in quarterly meetings. The SSA will take up roll cards each week, making sure that classes begin and end on time.  The SSA would also provide quarterly written reports to the pastor.

Sunday School Teachers 

Adult Class 1
Adult Class 2 - if scheduled

All teachers should work with the SSA to insure proper course materials are available and distributed.  The SSA should also plan activities with the teachers for possible fellowship opportunities as well as for presentations to the congregation.

Bulletin Coordinator

The Bulletin coordinator will gather the information needed to publish the weekly program for Sunday Morning Worship Services.  The information will come from the person presiding, in some cases; the music director will communicate hymn changes or additions.  If there are any questions or concerns about the bulletin,  the person in charge for that Sunday should be contacted.  The Bulletin Coordinator would create the bulletins and have the responsibility of having the bulletins printed.

Home Ministry Visitation Coordinator 

As we find many times in the Scriptures, the Priesthood should be visiting in the homes of the Saints.  It is important that we realize the value in Priesthood visits within the home.  As we have seen in times past, sometimes the home ministry does not seem to materialize.  This is an unfortunate situation and should be corrected at once.  In taking this approach, it is important to realize that it takes both Priesthood and the congregation to make a successful visiting program.  Due to the current absence of the Teacher, the HMVC will have the responsibility of coordinating visits, insuring that each member has the opportunity for priesthood visits.

Women's, Men's and Youth Departments

We all have the understanding that fellowship outside the normal services held at church are needed in building a stronger relationship between the saints.  This is one of the reason that we need to have strong departments that can meet together often and share in fellowship away from the corporate worship service.  In order to accomplish this, each department will need a strong leader that will schedule meetings, outings, classes, retreats etc. 

Woman's Leader
Men's Leader
Youth Leader


As Restorationists, we all know the importance of our heritage.  It is also fun and educational to look back over the years and see the History of the Branch.  The Branch Historian is responsible for compiling these type of records of events throughout the year and presenting a historical record at the end of the year.  The items will include the bulletins, the Liahona, cards received, letters etc


We are told that records are to be kept in the branch whenever there is an activity in the branch such as baptism, confirmation, ordination, or wedding.   As Recorder for the branch, this person is responsible for collecting and storing this information.

Librarian/Book Steward

The Branch Librarian is responsible for keeping the branch Library in order and keeping tracking of the books.  This person will also act as book steward for the branch.  The Book Steward will be responsible for keeping adequate supplies of various tracts and other publications that we distribute.  For example, Book of Mormons, Welcome Cards, tracts are always needed, so we need plenty on hand.  Also, if anyone needs assistance in buying publications from the various sources, this person would assist them in doing so.

Publicity Director

Each month the branch compiles and distributes a newsletter titled, "The Liahona."  The PD is responsible for collecting the articles, schedules and information, creating the newsletter, publishing it and distributing it.  The newsletter provides many things to different people.  For those that are unable to attend services regularly it provides spiritual and educational articles, or for family or friends that have moved, it gives them an opportunity to see what is happening at there old congregation.

Kitchen Coordinator 

The branch hosts many dinners, gatherings and get-togethers thus creating the need for someone to insure that we have ample supplies.  The Kitchen Coordinator would take this responsibility and also schedule various hostesses for each month to bring in drinks, ice etc.

Nursery Coordinator

From time to time, there is a need for the branch to provide a nursery for our young ones.  The NC will be responsible for the nursery schedule and insuring that the schedule is posted and that someone is in the nursery when necessary which would include Sunday Worship, Sunday Evening Classes, Wednesday Night Services and Special Services.

Branch Association Coordinator -

We all realize the importance of interactions with other branches, it is important that we have someone designated to coordinate the activities between the branches, not just here in North Texas but worldwide.  We enjoy having guest ministry join us from time to time and the priesthood enjoy traveling to other congregations as well.  As the relationship between Ft. Worth, Dallas and East Texas continues, The Branch Association Coordinator will continue to work with these and other congregations to coordinate any activities that might be held. 

Clean-up Coordinator

Everyone knows the importance of a neat and orderly building.  Even though we have a maintenance person on site in our present building, keeping things clean is still our responsibility.  When we move into our new facility, we will be totally responsible for the building's appearance. We all know we should be keeping our building clean and that it takes the effort of all to do this.  We should all be ready to volunteer to help by taking turns for the weekly cleaning.  To do this is will be necessary to have a schedule posted of whose responsible for each week.  The Clean-up Coordinator will be responsible for creating and maintaining this schedule.  This does not mean that this person will clean up each week.

Sunday Evening Coordinator

We have all experienced the advantages of having a Sunday Night program at the church whether it was a class, service or just a get together.  The Sunday Evening Coordinator would be responsible for planning and directing these activities. 

Retreat Coordinator

Retreats are a time when we gather together for a short while to focus on our spiritual condition and how we can walk closer to God.  They are very beneficial in providing a special ministry. Drawing away from the world for a short period of time with fellow saints can increase one's spiritual faith in ways that regular worship services can not.  It takes a lot of effort to put together a retreat and it takes a lot of volunteers to get it ready to go.  The Retreat Coordinator will be responsible for organizing these volunteers and overseeing the retreat.

The Retreats that we would like to schedule include the following:

1 Women's Retreat
1 Men's Retreat
1 youth Retreat
2 Mini-Branch Retreats
1 Major Retreat

Offices of the Branch