Past Officers of the Ft. Worth Restoration Branch
This page offers an historic look at the past officers of the Ft. Worth Restoration Branch.  
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          The great missions of the church are to redeem men and to build the kingdom of God. The accomplishment of these missions calls for a great many kinds of consecrated abilities from the membership. Every good gift bestowed upon men and women can be used to serve humanity and the work of the church. It is the opportunity of each member to discover his own talents, and to find joy in the service of God and his follow mortals by contributing to the great work of the church and of the kingdom of God. 

          Outside of the lines of service that are the special responsibility of the priesthood, there are many things needed by the church and the people that can be done or given by a consecrated membership. Indeed, the work of the church could not succeed without the consecrated efforts of talented and loyal members. The best that every member can do or give is needed.