The History of 
The Church of Jesus Christ 
Fort Worth Restoration Branch

On August 6, 1988, the Priesthood of The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints met to review a series of documents that would be the foundation for the Fort Worth Restoration Branch. At the time, many RLDS congregations, having witnessed the changes introduced by the Hierarchy of the General Church, were contemplating forming a Restoration Branch.  

Over the last few decades, the General Church had begun to introduce a more liberal doctrine, which contradicted the Word of God. By 1984, changes began to be implemented, and many RLDS Branches that were rejecting these new teachings found themselves at odds with the hierarchy’s attempt to “take over” the branches that were not conforming to the new doctrines. 

In some branches, the whole congregation was not accepting the teachings, such as in Marlin, Texas, while in others the congregation was split in their decision to follow the new teachings. Across the country, many found themselves locked out of their branches by General Church and had little recourse to finding relief.

In Independence, Missouri, several individuals, and congregations were laying the foundation for what would become the Restoration Branch Movement. Among these, was a prominent individual, Richard Price, who had been speaking out against the changes in the doctrine for years. Publishing two key books on the subject, The Saints at the Crossroads (1974) and Action Time (1985), Price was instrumental in providing guidelines for an RLDS Branch to understand the process of forming a Restoration Branch, which included how to incorporate, a list of 38 “Restoration Principles,” suggestions on how to operate as a branch, as well as information on IRS Tax Exempt Status.  

Price Publishing provided a packet of documents to help establish a Restoration Branch and it was these three documents, Branch Regulations, Articles of Agreement, and Restoration Principles that the Priesthood of the RLDS – Meadowbrook Branch met to review and finalize the documents to 
So it was on that Saturday, August 6, that the priesthood met to finalize the documents to present to the branch in a scheduled business meeting to be held the following day. After making a few edits, the documents were ready.

On Sunday, August 7, 1988, Elder Jim Nunn called the business meeting to order, and the congregation elected Elder Dan Gilmore to preside over the business meeting, with the express purpose of establishing the Fort Worth Restoration Branch.

The Articles of Agreement were reviewed, and they were accepted. After a short recess, the meeting was reconvened, and The Restoration Principles were reviewed. A vote was taken, and the principles were accepted. The Branch Regulations were presented and reviewed, and the Branch Regulations were accepted. With these three votes, the Fort Worth Restoration Branch was formed.

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