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Improving Wednesday Night Service

by David Norcross on 11/05/15

For some time our Wednesday night services have suffered due to our schedules.  Though we like to hold the midweek service, there are times that it is difficult to get over to the church in time for service.  Also for consideration is the format of the meeting.  So some of your thoughts on the service, meeting in the homes instead of the church, having a study class and other ideas are welcomed here.

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1. David said on 11/5/15 - 11:51AM
Also, consider that we could save money by meeting in the homes instead of at the lodge.
2. Tammy said on 11/5/15 - 01:05PM
I think we should divide geographically and meet in our homes. Attendance could improve. I volunteer my home as one of the meeting places.
3. David said on 9/17/17 - 09:47AM
We will finally be discussing this in our business meeting Sunday, September 17, 2017.

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