A 20 year effort to investigate the evidence of Joseph Smith, Jr.'s involvement with polygamy and find the truth. The investigation was an attempt to find the truth for one person, the Author. Instead of accepting what others reported, both pro and con, the Author was determined to find the truth for himself by not accepting what other's preconceived and obviously biased results concluded. What the Author discovered was astonishing. The Author encourages his readers to also not take his word, but encourages the reader to validate the allegations for themselves.
Bill's Books
Bill Erter (Author)
Priest Bill Erter has studied Church History and important church doctrine for many years.  In 2020 he published his first book, "Joseph Smith, Jr. Mormon Enigma Solved."  This book was a comprehensive look into the claims that Joseph Smith was involved in Polygamy.  In 2022, he released "The Rapture, True of False Doctrine," that searches for the truth on the doctrine of the Rapture.  In his latest release, "Deep Water," researches and dives deep into the doctrine of Baptism for the Dead.  In each of Bill's books, he uses his years of experience as a police officer to investigate the topics important to the church.  His thorough research and citations for his references assures the reader that these books are not just an opinion on the topic.  You can read with confidence that Bill has done his research and presents a solid case for the chosen topic. 

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Searching for TRUTH is always an endeavor worth the effort. When looking for confirmation of one's religious beliefs it can be inspiring or disappointing. It can be gratifying or vexing. One who is a seeker of truth must be prepared for both emotions. Searching for the truth means accepting it when it is found. This book brings a perspective from someone who is a seeker of truth by means of gathering the information, which is available, reviewing claims of witnesses, historical data, discussions for and against. After weighing the evidence, for oneself, instead of just taking another's word, the truth can be determined and recognized. In the final analysis, one must, and will, decide for themself the path they will follow. I encourage you to seek for the truth for yourself. Don't take someone else's word, don't take my word. Use this book as a guide to help you find the truth for yourself. Use the scriptures and pray for knowledge and wisdom as is written in James 1:5. Remember 1 Thessalonians 5:21-"Prove all things, hold fast that which is good."
God gives us knowledge and understanding according to His timeline and to those whom He chooses. Isaiah 28:10 - “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:” King James Version
The focus of this book is a study on Baptism for the Dead.
Specifically, I want to propose the following questions. Where and why did it start? Who practiced it? How was it conducted? Is it commanded by God for the ultimate salvation of all mankind? How did Baptism for the Dead come to the Utah LDS Church and did Joseph Smith, Jr. play a role?
As I got further into the weeds, one main point became clearly important which was who had control of the Church periodical in the 1840s known as "The Times and Seasons." Here was important information that when compared with other alleged, authentic documents there was discrepancy and conflicts in the documents.